Location Artwork - Fort Ruins

The Empire has been strewn with ruined fortresses and keeps since the Calamity. Additionally, the brutal wars and conflicts ever since the catastrophe have done considerable damage to the reclaimed and rebuilt forts, leaving many in disrepair or outright abandoned. Fort Larius, Fort Teltulis, Fort Tirnos, one of the Twin Towers - the list goes on and on.

Many of these serve as strongholds for bandits, liberated tribes, Orc marauders, or some other kind of outlaws and are generally avoided by travelers. Even worse, some of these are haunted and cursed places, with arcane anomalies and terrible creatures occupying their vicinity. Horrible tales of the ruins of forts are told around campfires and in mansios.

Above you can see an illustration of such a fortress, the variations of which you'll see quite frequently when visiting such locations in Vagrus.

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