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Embark on a perilous journey across a realm forsaken by the gods and devastated by a cataclysm. Accompanied by a hardy crew, you are free to discover a dark fantasy world and its secrets. Trade, fight, or explore your way to success as a leader of a traveling company in Vagrus, a post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG-strategy hybrid developed by Lost Pilgrims.


Vagrus is an award-winning roleplaying game with a narrative focus, open-world exploration, and strong elements of strategy. The player takes the role of a vagrus - a caravan leader who strives to survive in a strange and dangerous dark fantasy world by leading a traveling company on all kinds of ventures.

    A vast realm is yours to explore, filled with unique locations, strange factions, and a colorful cast of characters. In order to punish the Empire for its sins, the Elder Gods unleashed their power a thousand years ago that ended up devastating the realms. The continent is now a wasteland, riddled with arcane anomalies, swarming with twisted monsters, and haunted by roaming undead even after long centuries of rebuilding.
    A large selection of stories make up the game’s narrative in the form of events and quests. The choices you make in these often affect your companions and the world around you. Pick your background from trader, mercenary, or explorer; work for factions, follow rumors and trading opportunities; acquire wealth, gain fame, and discover hidden knowledge.
    Engage in turn-based, tactical combat that involves your companions and a large variety of enemies, both humanoid and monstrous. Use a wide range of character skills as well as your own leadership-related abilities to succeed. Positioning and support skills are of paramount importance in these challenging engagements.
    Journeys have to be planned and prepared for carefully, lest they end in disaster. Manage your supplies, morale, and your crew’s vigor effectively to survive. Haul cargo and valuables across the wasteland or take it from others. Your crew of workers, fighters, scouts, and slaves have to be managed well to optimize their effectiveness.
    A wide variety of companions can work for you in versatile caravan roles, such as scoutmaster, guard captain, treasure hunter, or beast handler. Each companion comes with unique combat skills, background stories, and personal quest lines that can upgrade them further when you complete them.


The full version of Vagrus - The Riven Realms released on Steam and GOG on 5th October 2021.

We have also created a Demo for Vagrus - The Riven Realms, in effect the first section of the Pilgrims of the Wasteland story, which is both an introduction and a tutorial of the game. It has about 1-1.5 hours of playable content (depending on playstyle).

Keys for Press and Content creators

   - Woovit: https://woovit.info/vagrus
   - IndieBoost: http://indieboost.com
   - PressKit: http://vagrus.com/press/

Follow and whistlist Vagrus on

  - Fig Crowdfunding Campaign - fig.co/vagrus
  - Game website - VAGRUS.com
  - Steam Store page - Vagrus - The Riven Realms
  - Facebook  - LostPilgrimsStudio
  - Twitter - LostPilgrims
  - Instagram - LostPilgrims
  - Youtube - Lost Pilgrims
  - Discord - LostPilgrims
  - Itch.io - Vagrus - The Riven Realms
  - GameJolt - Vagrus - The Riven Realms
  - IndieDB - Vagrus - The Riven Realms


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Version 0.5.31
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Version 0.5.31


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This game intrigues me a lot and I thank you for the native Linux version. <3

I hope you will manage to localize it in French and that it will be available on Itch, DRM-free. :)


Any possibility of a TTRPG book (even a system-agnostic version) so we can continue adventures in your world?


TL;DR: Possibility: yes. Chances: slim at this point.
We would love to create a setting book for the Riven Realms. Unfortunately, those are not quite financially feasible so we need to gather significant funds first to sustain ourselves to take on such a project. Hopefully, we will get there eventually. 🤞

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I made a guide about the Companions.  It will show you how to find them, what are they good for and so much more. Check it out below:


I am really loving this world and all the beautiful art! Excellent job guys!

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Pledged on Fig,I get a link only for Linux and Mac...Where is windows?

Okay so to let everyone know...you are forced to install the Discord App to play the Fig Open Access on Windows /:

But the good news...Linux is Free ^^

Go Install Kubuntu or Mint or any flavor of our King Penguin!

Thanks! - cancelled download after your warning.

Man im glad you guys advertise on instagram

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Glad to hear you land here! We try to be everywhere so future players could find us 👍

It's noce that you're on itch.io, although I note that the Fig doesn't list it as a platform at the end.

Your answer on what it will be on, other than Steam is pretty noncommital.  Any chance of at least promising that there will be a DRM-free option somewhere?

Also, maybe have a non-social media method of contact beyond here.  The email is listed as for business and press use...


Hey, the intent is to bring the game to as many players as we can. DRM-free option is definitely planned the question is when and where. But it's going to happen, and soon after we are out of the woods with publishing on the biggest portals (allowing us to focus on the rest while - hopefully - need not to worry about running out of money on the spot).

Feel free to use the info-vagrus-com email address to reach out. Thanks!


Thanks for the clarification.  I don't understand why Fig insists on not making it easy to ask a question of a creator without backing first...


Fig...no kickstarter?

Too bad...


One word : WOW! I truly loved paying that game ! The soundtracks are amazing and I really salute the work here! Keep it up! 

Have you considered participating in our Game Developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details:


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Thanks a lot! GDWC looks like an awesome championship for indiegames. Do count us in! :)
P.s.: Would you be okay with us  quoting this part? 'One word : WOW! Truly loved paying the game! The soundtracks are amazing and I really salute the work here! Keep it up! ' 

Hey! Sure you can definitely quote me on this! And good luck for the Championship! 

Well its seems like a cool game but i cant for the life of me figure out how to sustain my caravan, and missions dont pay enough to cover the costs of completing. I spent some hours trying to figure it out but couldn't find any trade routes or anything either. Probably just me but I'd like to know how it works :D

It's not easy at all, so do not feel bad about it. There is a point when you realize you have to make sacrifices in order to survive.

It's hard to give tips here without spoilers so if you are okay with that please join our Discord channel to chat. Cheers!

Thanks i May do that Ive got on my server list, buuut not yet. Still gonna keep at, dont want spoilers :P

Looking great!  Nice work there

Haha...never expected to receive such an amazing review from someone who did not like the genre. It made our day! Thanks a ton for taking the time to share it. 🖤

I must say, the art is stunning! The voiceover is amazing, the sound effects and soundtrack are both spectacular and the overall feel gives me shivers! To bad i don't like games like this but if i did, i would've loved it! Good job!