Location Artwork - Bazaar

Markets and bazaars are the throbbing heart of the rebuilt cities of the Riven Realms. Due to the isolation of many settlements and regions thanks to the Calamity, trade - propagated mostly by comitati - is key to the survival of these regions and thus to the survival of the Empire.

Therefore, in each sizable village and town there's a market and in each city there's a bazaar, where local and traveling merchants peddle their wares. The artwork here shows us such a bazaar, filled with exotic goods, persistent traders, hagglers, beggars, and arriving wanderers. One can almost smell the spice in the air, mixed with all kinds of smells and odors from animal dung to fresh stew, cured leather, and the scented candles of small shrines to Merkatus, Patron Saint of Merchants and Trade. A veritable maze of streets, alleys, small squares, and arched arcades, the bazaar offers something for everyone. What deals will you strike in this dark world?

This breathtaking image is the work of Péter Kovács, one in a line of his many amazing artwork for Vagrus - The Riven Realms.

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