Creature Artwork - Jhakra

The next artwork and creature description is of the Jhakra, a pestilence of the desert:

Jhakras are four-legged reptilians covered in hardened, yellow-brown, grown-together scales. Adult specimens are 1 meter tall and grow to 1.5-2 meters long. Their legs can propel them forward quite fast, but it is difficult for the creatures to maneuver. Males sport forward-protruding and side horns they use to mauling and tackling. Jhakra have well-hidden, tiny eyes to protect them when they melee or charge. Because of this they don’t see too well. However, their sense of smell is extraordinary, making them able to follow prey for miles.

Jhakras are extremely stubborn creatures that hunt in packs, and don’t know when to give up. Once they tore into prey they don’t let go until they kill or are killed. Carnivores that take on larger prey when in groups, they live in hot, arid places like the continent’s central deserts. 

But wait, here's some more information on the dreaded Jhakra Alphas:

Jhakra Alphas are males that are larger in size and lord over their lesser kin. Their piercing cry that is meant to call the hunting pack closer together is a terrible, deafening, and disorienting howl, which they utilize to great effect in combat as well.

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