#Letsplay Wednesday - Nookrium - Part 2

Here's the continuation of Nookrium's Vagrus Prologue #letsplay video we posted last week.

Spoiler alert! => It demonstrates perfectly how unforgiving the Riven Realms, the world of #Vagrus, can be... ☠️

We’re awestruck by the warm welcome of the Prologue as Let’s play videos pass 25 thousand views in total across Youtube and Twitch, and those are only the ones we know about.

Have you tried the Prologue yet?

  • If not, go and download it now!
  • If you have, let us know what you think!

Thanks, cheers! Lost Pilgrims team

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Vagrus_Prologue_Build_OSX_0.1.61.zip 553 MB
Jan 24, 2019
Vagrus_Prologue_Build_0.1.61.zip 544 MB
Jan 23, 2019
Vagrus_Prologue_Build_Linux_0.1.61.zip 562 MB
Jan 23, 2019

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