0.1.6 - New Prologue build is out

Main game content creation and development

Today we created the first prototype build for the 'main game' - where the player actually leads his/her own comitatus as opposed to the guided story of the Prologue. We have a long list of features to develop, and even more content to create, still, it felt like a big step forward.

As we are already focusing on that part, you may expect to see less frequent updates to the Prologue from now on. Mostly connected to bug fixes, but time to time we will also migrate back newly developed features into the Prologue. 

Prologue 0.1.6. build - Minor update

Based on the bug reports concerning 0.1.5 we have applied a few critical fixes in 0.1.6.


  • Tutorial change
    • Leave settlement supply requirement brought earlier so less people would not get stuck in Scrapheap
  • A few event or other text tweaks and corrections

UI changes

  • Supply is now shown as days only (as the exchange between crates of supply vs supply created confusion in some players)

Bug fixes

  • Getting stuck in the combat tutorial due to perk changes is now fixed 
  • New day save corruption after Game over bug resolved

Enjoy, and do let us know how you find these improvements! Also, help us by logging issues/improvement ideas via the in-build reporting tool (F12). Thanks a lot!

P.s.: special thanks to @Apsalar and @mal3diction for catching and flagging those two critical bugs for us! 🖤

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