0.1.5 - New Prologue build coming over the weekend!

Hey Guys,
Expect the new build (0.1.5) coming to Itch over the weekend 🤞 (or early next week the latest). 

It will have tons of improvements and fixes, even a new music track. Hope to see you all checking it out!

Few preview bits:
 - Jagged waste (& Smolderbone Flats) sound track! 
 - Low Morale and Unpaid crew events fixed (now they actually come up! :))
 - Tutorial pointers added to critical steps
 - New Leadership perk (Boost) enabled
 - Option to track visited nodes on the campaign map
 - Quote: 'a metric ton of event and other text tweaks&corrections' by Geri
 - A shed-load of Tool-tips added/extended
 - ...the list goes on!

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