Vagrus - The Riven Realms Prologue is now available here on!

It's time! Go download and play the Prologue of Vagrus - The Riven Realms now!

We have been nurturing Vagrus for so long that sharing it with you is just as scary as it is exciting,  so comments and posts about your first experiences are of course very welcome. 

Just to highlight: this debut of the Prologue is fairly early in it's development, and so it may not be working seamlessly on all PC configurations. If you experience any problems or have feedback of any kind, let us know through the inbuilt reporting function [F12 hotkey] or via Discord! Also, please help us by ticking the check boxes on the first screen ('Send Crash Reports & Send Game Statistics') ☑️

Please don't forget to share this wonderful news with your friends. 😃

Thank you for all the support so far folks!

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If you are in search of more - part 2 and 3 are out as well here are links for it.

Again thank you for your support and supporting indie. Have tried to make the videos small and easy to watch with same intro on all. Feedback appreciated too!

SIP (Small Indie Promoter)


Hello everyone! Thank you to the creators for making such an awesome game I am having tons of fun with it and hope all of you who tried it are too. Make sure to support it in any way possible if you can do donate by buying it or if you can share it with friends. Great indie games needs our support. Also check out my let's play if you got a few minutes I have done 3 parts with more to come into 2019 . Thank you all for coming over to the page of this great game and also for checking my vids or supporting the game in any way.

Hope you all had a great Merry Xmas.