Project Update - Beast Types

The vagrus's ability to change the type of beasts their comitatus uses has been planned to be added to the game from the beginning but it had to wait until now for a couple of reasons. The first being that there were a number of other, more important, things to be added before and also because changing between two types only would have been a bit lackluster, but the third type was locked behind content that we got around to just now (and will be available with the addition of Larnak).

Of the three types of beasts, two are accessible in most settlements in-game. Mammals are slightly more common, which means that you can buy them in greater number in mansios, except in the deep deserts where reptiles are more common. Neither of these two types are better than the other in all respects. For example, reptile beasts of burden carry more cargo and move a tad faster but march less effectively and have a much larger consumption. Reptile mounts are slightly better at combat but less effective on long journeys than horses. Mammals are cheaper and so make it easier to scale up your comitatus but require more animal care, thus more work. The third type is a bit of a secret for now, but it will work as an upgrade in basically every aspect and will cost a lot to obtain. This type is meant for high-end comitati in general.

Changing the beast type of your comitatus happens in the mansio and it changes both your beasts of burden as well as mounts to the selected type at once. From then on, you buy beasts and mounts for the new, active beast type, meaning you can never have mixed beast types in your comitatus.

We hope you will like this new addition - it certainly adds a new level of depth and strategy when it comes to comitatus management.

The Lost Pilgrims Team

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