Open World Prototype Release is LIVE

Huge Announcement!

The Open-World Prototype of Vagrus has been released to all our Fig Backers. It is a major step towards getting the game ready to eventually bring it to all of you to enjoy.

What It Brings

A ton of stuff, really. This is the game we've been working on, compared to which 'Pilgrims of the Wasteland' was only a small appetizer. That said, this large segment is only the beginning, and areas (with their content) will be added later on at intervals. 

In short, a gigantic area with

  • dozens of settlements and points of interest to explore,
  • six Companions,
  • over 20 new enemy types,
  • five new soundtracks,
  • character creation,

and a ton of story content for you to discover are coming in the build.

We are very excited to see and hear your reactions, how long it takes you to find all the content, and of course to find out how difficult it is to stay alive for players in the cruel wastelands of the Riven Realms.

See you soon on the dark continent!

The Lost Pilgrims Team

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Mar 26, 2020

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