Character Poses - Yrg Worker

The most common type of Yrg are Workers, so much so, in fact, that most people on the continent equate the Yrg race with these nearly mindless drones. Though there are many more sub-species of these insectoids, the Workers indeed make up the vast majority of hives. With utter disregard for their own safety they build, haul, guard, and explore in the name of the hive. Sometimes workers are abducted by specialized hunters and are made to serve as mounts, beasts of burden, or even arena fodder by the use of crystal magic.

Yrg workers are very tough thanks to their high Vitality and Armor stats, though their true threat comes from their numbers. They only have a single active skill:

Deadly Mandibles: The Yrg Worker bites with its powerful mandibles - a single-target melee attack that is dependable but not extremely dangerous.

The danger presented by a single Yrg Worker is by no means great, though certainly not negligible. Several Workers (sometimes accompanied by a Warrior) can be really tough for your companions to overcome however, with their vast pools of Vitality and constant barrage of mandible attacks.

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