Workforce Mechanics (Game Design Post)

Workforce is a fairly hidden stat that measures the complete work output of your comitatus. There are a lot of tasks to be done around a venture like yours in the game, and your workforce has to meet the requirements. These include feeding and tending to beasts and mounts, logistical tasks (such as loading or setting camp), cooking, and much more. This is represented by each type of crew member generating a certain amount of 'workforce need'.

To meet this requirement, your workers and slaves generate 'workforce' (with sometimes passengers potentially adding to the mix as well). Ideally, the workforce generated is enough to cover your needs but this can change fairly rapidly out in the wasteland. For one, low Morale and Obedience - a stat we will tell you more about next week - affect workforce and by losing crew you lose workforce directly.

When you fail to produce enough workforce, bad things start to happen:

  • Understaffed (lower workforce than the requirement) applies Movement Point penalties.
  • Severely understaffed (workforce below 50% of the requirement) applies severe Movement Point penalties.

Additionally, with the new Enduring Effects and the brand new property system we've developed to support them it is possible to assign temporary buffs and debuffs to this stat, too, which goes a long way to spice things up a little.

The Lost Pilgrims Team

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